Warehouse Parts Storage

Cost-efficient storage for Wheeled Loaders and Excavators Using the Hänel Lean-Lift®

Jungbluth Baumaschinen, based in Kruft, Germany, offers not only the complete and diverse range of Volvo products, but also rehandling excavators, telescopic cranes and cable excavators for hire and purchase. The spare parts storehouse holds small and medium-sized wear and maintenance parts, such as filters and rubber seals, in a space-saving vertical Hänel Lean-Lift® where they are protected from dust and light. All storage movements and inventory data are recorded transparently in the enterprise resource planning system.

The Jungbluth company in Kruft has been the sole authorized distributor for Volvo construction machinery since 1990. In addition to Volvo’s diverse product range, the medium-sized enterprise offers just about any vehicle needed in the construction industry, from 30-ton dump trucks through articulated dumpers to compact excavators. Customer Service Manager Rudolf Hofmann says: “We have five of our own special transporters and four service centers equipped with state-of-the-art workshops including IT-supported diagnostic technology and spare parts storehouses. When the need arises, urgently required spare parts are ordered online from our suppliers overnight and either brought to our workshop here in Kruft early the next morning or supplied straight to the faulty excavator or wheel loader on the construction site.”

If necessary, the authorized dealer of Volvo, Sennebogen and Merlo can even supply its customers from Bad Neuenahr to Neuwied, Mayen-Koblenz, Montabaur and right up to the Hunsrück area with spare parts from allied companies and third-party manufacturers.

Optimum service for construction vehicles with the cost-efficient Hänel Lean-Lift®

“We do the servicing and maintenance of the construction vehicles either at our workshop in Kruft or directly on the building site with our service team”, explains Rudolf Hofmann.

So all the wear and maintenance parts, which means everything needed for inspection and repair work, are stocked in the spare parts storehouse. The smaller and midsize items, such as filters and sealing rings, are kept in the Hänel Lean-Lift®. Heavy and bulky parts are kept in the high-bay pallet storehouse. All the article data and storage locations are entered in the TopLog ERP system from Logis. The microprocessor controller of the Hänel Lean-Lift® interfaces directly with the ERP system.

When a new order is placed, all the job details and the relevant article data are transmitted automatically to the vertical lift system.

As soon as the job number is entered on the Hänel controller, the first container is conveyed straight to the access point. The right containers are simply transported to the retrieval point at the press of a button so that the individual parts can be picked. And the automatic feedback of inventory data to the ERP system ensures that the latest pick and put operations are always mapped in the inventory control system.

Impressive space savings, user-friendly picking

”Order picking in the warehouse has become so much simpler. With the ‘goods to man’ principle of the Lean-Lift®, employees no longer have to walk long distances up and down the steps of the old rack storage system”, says the Customer Service Manager.

Rising 7.8 meters in height, Hänel’s vertical lift system spans three floor levels, making use of the entire space up to the ceiling. So all the products from the two-story rack system that previously took up 150 m² of floor space can now be kept in the containers of the Lean-Lift®. The height-optimized assignment of the trays ensures that the entire space is efficiently used. With a footprint of just 9 m², huge space savings have been achieved thanks to the Hänel Lean-Lift®. And all the spare parts are protected from light and dust by Hänel’s closed storage system.