Warehouse and distribution center for medical devices

 HänelSoft®: Automated Shelf Storage for Warehouses

KLS Martin is a leading provider of medical solutions for a wide range of surgical procedures. These high-tech products are sold in North America through the company’s main offices in Jacksonville, Florida. 

Storage from floor to ceiling 

Unlike conventional shelf and rack solutions, automated vertical storage systems utilize the full height capacity of the warehouse building. In addition to providing enormous space savings, the systems also ensure that medical instruments, prostheses and supplies are protected from dust and contamination. 

Flexible software interface 

The KLS Martin warehouse and distribution center is fully integrated in SAP thanks to HänelSoft®. Shelf storage still used in the warehouse is also managed via HänelSoft®. Orders can be filled with items from the Hänel systems and the nearby shelves at the same time by using the MobileClient. Thus the inventory data for all articles stored on shelves and in the automated lift systems is always complete and accurate. 

Error-free picking 

The large number of diverse items kept in the compact storage systems, along with high pick numbers, must be managed effectively to prevent pick errors – this is an absolute must in the medical sector. 

Therefore, the item designation, quantity and storage position are shown on the controller display, and the digital compartment and sublevel indicator at the access point also lights up to show the storage position. Roller conveyors move completed orders directly to the shipping area, and order data is sent to the FedEX® shipping system at the same time.

KLS Martin

11201 St. Johns Industrial Parkway South
Jacksonville, FL 32246


Storage systems:
2 Hänel Lean-Lifts®

Items stored:
Medical devices and prostheses