Storage of office supplies

Hanel Rotomat® Office Carousels - Providing a workplace for people with visual impairment

Hänel Rotomat® office carousels provide a workplace for people with severe visual impairment

The Economics Ministry creates specially adapted workplaces for people with disabilities. In this regional authority all the office supplies are organized centrally in a Hänel Rotomat® office carousel.

What makes it special, though, is that the task is handled entirely by a person with severe visual impairment.

All the office requisites are entered and sorted by category in a computer system with Braille input device. Specific articles can be selected via a search screen. The PC is used simultaneously as a control unit for the Hänel Rotomat® office carousel and brings the requested materials to the retrieval point. For added certainty, the search results and control commands can also be output over a loudspeaker.

The different storage locations are marked in Braille additionally at the retrieval point. With all these adaptations, error-free access is ensured even though there is a wide variety of different items in storage.

Our partner Dräger & Lienert in Marburg, Germany, in collaboration with Hänel specialists, used "DL Contact Manager" software to develop this feature for workers with vision loss.

A safety curtain in front of the carousel prevents the operator from reaching inside accidently while it is running. The Hänel Rotomat® excels not only in terms of barrier-free design, but also with respect to flexibility. The dimensions of the carousel were adapted perfectly to the heritage-protected building so that the available space could be used to best advantage. The optimized partitioning of the carriers with drawer modules and sub-levels allow a wide range of office supplies to be stored compactly in the Hänel Rotomat®.

Another barrier-free solution from the Hänel specialists!