Oil & gas valve storage

Hanel Storage Solutions for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

The family-owned business, with headquarters in Broussard, Louisiana, is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of valves. M & M International specializes in safety and high-pressure valves for the oil and gas industry. 

For example, special M & M valves are installed above the blowout preventer at oil drilling sites. For many decades the company has continued to grow due to its many unique and innovative designs. The manufacturing site was expanded just a few years ago. In addition to larger production facilities, a new materials warehouse was also built. 

Clear overview of parts 

M & M International relies on dependable Hänel storage technology for its inventory of valve components. Two heavy-duty Hänel Lean-Lifts® and one Hänel Rotomat® storage system are in operation. 

An order for specific items is generated whenever the production area needs valve assemblies. This order is recorded using a barcode scanner at a computer terminal near the lift systems. The company’s own software includes data about the stored components, such as quantity and specific storage locations in the systems. Once the container or shelf number is entered, the required item is transported to the access point where retrieval is confirmed on the Hänel system terminal. 

Heavy valve components made of stainless steel are kept in both vertical lift systems. All seals, gaskets and ball bearings are stored in the Rotomat® system. Valves are preassembled at the Hänel access and retrieval areas before being sent to the production area. 

Benefits of component storage 

The multifunction containers in the Lean-Lift® can be configured in response to various storage requirements. This ensures compact and well-balanced vertical storage of heavy loads – from floor to ceiling – within an extremely small footprint. What’s more, the UV-sensitive rubber seals stored in the Rotomat® are shielded from light and thus remain elastic. Parallel picking with the three Lean-Lift® storage systems speeds up the entire process of delivering preassembled valves to the production area. 

Hänel systems are also known for their benefits in terms of ergonomics. The Lean-Lift® containers can be pulled right out of the access point so that they rest on the support rails. And the Hänel transport cart can even carry a fully loaded container.

M & M International

1471 Old Spanish Trail 
Hwy N
Broussard, LA 70518


Storage systems:
2 Hänel Lean-Lifts®
1 Hänel Rotomat®

Items stored:
Components for valves used in oil and gas extraction