Magstim Company Ltd.

Whitland, Carmarthenshire, UK

The Magstim Company Limited designs, develops and markets medical devices for use in operating rooms and neuroscience research laboratories

Magstim offers hospital physicians and researchers ultra-modern stimulation and monitoring devices that help protect and improve the functions of the human nervous system.

Three Hänel Lean-Lifts® are installed in a bright and well-organized warehouse, fully integrated in the efficient and precise processes followed by Magstim. The MP 12 N controller, together with the MP 100 D central control system, ensures that employees can quickly locate stored items via computer.

Both parts and finished components are kept in the storage systems. The Hänel Lean-Lifts® provide a safe environment for storing sensitive items and devices. A second access point on one of the lifts connects the warehouse with the shipping area, and this considerably reduces retrieval routing. Instead of walking, employees now have direct access to items ready for shipment.

Error-free retrieval is supported with Hänel Pick-o-Light® along with compartment and sub-level indicators. 

The fourth lift in the workshop serves as a universal storage depot for administration, electronic spare parts and technical drawings. The controller is protected by passwords assigned to authorized employees who have been granted access to specific system containers.

Magstim Company Ltd.

Whitland Industrial Estate Spring Gardens, Whitland Carmarthenshire SA34 OHR, UK


Storage systems:
4 Hänel Lean-Lifts®

Items stored:
Components for medical devices plus sterile consumables

„When planning the expansion of the Magstim production building for medical devices, one thing was clear from the start: Hänel Lean-Lifts® from Industore would play a central role in our concept. 

We had already been operating a Lean-Lift® vertical storage solution in our warehouse for several years, so I was very aware of the benefits that we – as a manufacturer of medical devices – could expect from Hänel and Industore: The existing solution had already delivered better order picking accuracy, better inventory control, considerable space savings and a clean storage environment for raw materials. 

By installing the additional new Lean-Lifts®, one of which is equipped with several access points and connects our receiving and shipping areas with each other, we were able to improve processes and boost efficiency. What’s more, finished products are now stored in an access-controlled area.

Paul Davies
Head of Operations