Oetiker Deutschland GmbH


Solutions from viadat connects four Hänel Lean-Lifts® to central SAP server in Switzerland

The Oetiker Group is one of the world’s leading makers of clamps and connectors for industrial applications and for companies that deliver components to the automotive industry. The company has 12 manufacturing sites around the world.

To reduce the costs of freight and logistics, six independent sales and logistics centers in Europe were relocated and consolidated at the company site in Endingen/Kaiserstuhl, Germany. This project also included the integration of four Hänel Lean-Lift® systems that had previously been used as a stand-alone solution in the central warehouse.

Key features of the Hänel systems are outstanding ergonomics and direct connectivity with the SAP ERP system with the viadat solution from viastore SOFTWARE. The SAP server at company headquarters in Horgen, Switzerland, coordinates all transactions in Endingen/Kaiserstuhl.

Error-free order picking with Hänel Pick-o-Light®-Vario

Order picking is fast and accurate thanks to the ‘Pick and Drop to Light’ system. At the Lean-Lift® access point Hänel Pick-o-Light®-Vario shines a light beam on the required item to prevent picking errors. The system cluster was successfully realized by Hänel in cooperation with viastore SOFTWARE.

Once a customer order is received, a sales order for the transaction is generated in SAP and sent to the viadat terminal. Viadat then sends the transport command to the Hänel MP 12 N-HostCom controller at the Lean-Lifts®.

The system cluster is distributed across two areas, each having two Hänel Lean-Lifts® and one terminal with 15 pack-to-light systems.

A cart with 15 shipping cartons is docked at the pick zone, and a signal array is assigned to each carton. The two Hänel Lean-Lifts® in the first pick zone automatically bring specified items to the access point, where Hänel Pick-o-Light®-Vario identifies them with an LED to minimize picking errors.

The Hänel Lean-Lifts® deliver the products according to the FIFO principle. Retrieval is complete when the article number is scanned at the terminal – there is no need to confirm the transaction on the lift controller.

Once items have been placed in the carton, the operator simply confirms the order using the signal array panel. Then viadat uses IDoc to confirm the retrieval from the Hänel Lean-Lift® and the pick list is marked as “completed” on the SAP delivery order.

Thanks to the integration of the four Hänel Lean-Lifts® in the SAP-based logistics concept, the Oetiker Group transformed the Endingen/Kaiserstuhl site into a central distribution center for all of Europe – with great success!

„The link between the Hänel Lean-Lifts® and SAP based on viadat, plus the packto-light solution developed for Oetiker, are integral parts of our new supply chain solution for small and medium-sized shipments!“

Markus Müller
Logistics Manager