Pallet storage

The new dimension in pallet storage!

Perfect pallet storage:
Straight into the lift with the stacker. It couldn’t be easier!

The situation

Most conventional pallet stores are centrally located in a high bay warehouse, far away from the production hall, taking a long time to reach – virtually in a world of their own. Inconvenient, time-consuming, costly!

More efficiency with the Lean-Lift pallet store

The Hänel Lean-Lift® pallet store is integrated where it is needed – in the assembly and production hall! 

That means decentralized and dynamic storage!

The result: efficient workflow, short access routes and therefore time saved and rapid access to all the required parts and components!

One-stop solutions

The specialists from Hänel have all the know-how you need for warehousing and storage management: control of all storage activities through the Hänel microprocessor control systems and interfacing with customer IT systems through the Hänel communications software.