Storage for event rentals and supplies

Modern storage for event equipment

Founded in 1992, the Party Rent Group is one of Europe's largest event service providers. Today the Party Rent Group has 400 employees, plus 214 commercial vehicles and 29,000 m² of storage area for its event logistics operations. In addition to tents, heating and air conditioning systems, Party Rent also loans equipment such as dinnerware, flatware, glassware, tables, chairs, bars and buffet systems for events of all types, both large and small.

When table linen and furniture covers were added to the products offered, Party Rent needed to reorganize its storage space. Six Hänel Rotomat® storage carousels now compactly hold tablecloths, chair covers and other textiles, keeping them free of dust and dirt. During the order picking process, all articles are transported quickly and reliably to the retrieval points. The 30 carriers in each of the six Rotomat® storage carousels are three meters long, with a depth of 50 centimeters. The carriers are slightly slanted toward the inside of the system. This prevents linens from falling out of the system when the carriers are in motion. The bottom and rear wall of each carrier feature slotted perforations spaced 20 mm apart for variable space configuration. Movable dividers can also be added for more flexibility. The multifunction carriers are also easily adjustable so that Rotomat® storage carousels can accommodate items of various height, making for customized and versatile storage. This also ensures maximum storage space density as well. What's more, all Rotomat® storage carousels are equipped with smooth-operating, lockable sliding doors. This protects stored items from dust and dirt, as well as from unauthorized access.

Each retrieval point features a wear-resistant V2A work counter, ergonomically positioned at a height of one meter to ensure optimal convenience during order picking.

In addition, these Rotomat® systems also have innovative Hänel EcoLoad® technology to save energy. EcoLoad® constantly monitors the load status. As the Rotomat® works on the principle of rotation, a lot of energy can be saved through even load distribution. If the load recommendations issued by the Hänel microprocessor controller are precisely followed, the stored items will always be positioned to ensure perfect balance, and that reduces the energy needed to set the system in motion. And Hänel EcoLoad® does more than warn against unbalanced loads. This EcoConcept also uses the display to show which shelves should be used for optimal load balancing. These Rotomat® storage carousels have a storage capacity of up to five tons. The mechanical parts and carrier sets of the Hänel systems are designed and configured according to the size and weight of the storage goods. It's this flexibility that makes the Hänel Rotomat® so cost-effective.

In addition to the Rotomat® that stores textiles, the Party Rent Group also operates a Hänel Lean-Lift® with a height of nine meters for storing flatware and dinnerware. Thanks to a maximum payload capacity of up to 60 tons, the Hänel Lean-Lift® is the perfect choice for this task. The vertical, height-optimized Hänel Lean-Lift® was ordered as a high-speed model, equipped with access code management. Only authorized employees have access to the valuable silver flatware kept in the system.