Polymeca AG | Heerbrugg, CH

Efficient and faster production thanks to well-organized storage

Polymeca AG in Heerbrugg, Switzerland, is a modern service provider in the field of precision mechanical engineering, surface treatment and component assembly. 

The company invested in a Hänel Rotomat® system to efficiently store and protect components from dust, contamination and ultraviolet light. 

The Hänel Rotomat® provides well-organized storage within a very compact space. In addition, the time required to access items needed for production – such as electronic components, plus both standardized and precision parts – was reduced dramatically. 

Secure and safe storage in the ESD area 

The Hänel storage system also safeguards sensitive electronic components requiring ESD protection. Electronic components and standardized parts are kept in bins of various sizes. 

Neat and space-saving storage within a small footprint truly distinguishes the Hänel Rotomat® rom many other lift systems. Inventory items are requested by entering the item numbers using the keyboard of the Hänel MP 12 N microprocessor controller. The system automatically sets the Hänel multifunction carriers in motion, bringing the items to the access point for ergonomic retrieval. The vertical carousel system is based on the ‘goods to the user’ principle for efficient organization of all components in storage. 

Employees request items from the material pick list using the warehouse management solution integrated in the Hänel Rotomat®. 

A light-barrier curtain, along with Hänel’s ergonomic safety switch, provides for maximum user protection during put and pick operations. 

For several years now two additional Hänel Rotomat® systems have been in operation in the company’s shipping and receiving department. 

Polymeca has entrusted Hänel with providing the innovative storage solutions it needs for business success!

„By acquiring an additional Hänel Rotomat® system, we were able to boost our competitiveness by speeding up assembly time considerably – and we also gained more floor space for more manufacturing capacity.“

Christian Vetsch
Head of Industrial Service