Public Transport of Geneva (TPG)

Every day around 471,000 people use the public transport network of Geneva

The personnel files of some 1,900 employees are safely archived and managed in the Hänel Rotomat® office carousel. The smooth-action sliding door with security lock keeps the files safe from unauthorized access and also protects the hanging folders from dust and soiling. The suspension frames can be pulled out like a drawer – making them ideal for inserting vertical hanging folders. Thanks to the smooth-running telescopic rails, the suspension frames can be unclipped and removed effortlessly.
The Hänel Rotomat® office carousel integrates perfectly into the workplace, enabling established work processes to be rationalized to a high degree.

Requested files are available immediately and at any time. Following a request entered on the microprocessor controller with high-resolution TFT display, the required shelf is brought to the ergonomic retrieval height quickly and reliably. The documents can be taken out and returned with ease. The ingenious pater noster principle means the Hänel Rotomat® can create an enormous amount of filing capacity on a minimal footprint. By using the full room height, over 60 percent more files can be archived on the same floor area. The space-saving, ergonomic design of the Rotomat® office carousels adapts smoothly to any office situation.

Perfect office organization!