PUKY GmbH & Co. KG

Hänel Lean-Lifts® guarantee process-centric spare parts logistics

For 60 years Puky has demonstrated its vast experience in developing, designing and building ride-ons, scooters, pedal go-carts, bicycles and similar children's vehicles. In addition to the company's own manufacturing facilities, many assembly and packaging operations are performed by sheltered workshops for the disabled. Up to 3,000 Puky vehicles are assembled there every day.

A complete reorganization and optimization project for all logistic processes for the spare parts business was carried out at the central warehouse in Wülfrath, Germany. Two modern Hänel Lean-Lifts® served as the centerpiece of the project. Both Lean-Lifts® are seven meters high and extend through two floors, with two access points at each level. The systems fully utilize the complete height of the building. The use of optimized vertical storage space has reduced the footprint of the storage area to just a few square meters. The access points are positioned next to each other on each floor and can be used simultaneously for order picking.

Thanks to the Hänel high-speed door, order picking is also possible on both floors at the same time. All stored items are protected from dust and dirt. 

The host system at Puky played an important role in the reorganization and optimization of all logistic processes for the spare parts business. The storage management application in the IT system provides fast and direct access to information about current orders and inventory data. Direct and automated data communication in the warehouse management system prevents synchronization errors and redundant data. Inventory control is more accurate thanks to barcode scanning of items and their storage positions in accordance with defined processes.