SMW-AUTOBLOK Spannsysteme GmbH, Wiesentalstraße 28, 88074 Meckenbeuren, Germany

23 Hänel Lean-Lifts® and six Rotomat® storage systems supply the production, machinery, development, and service departments

The Hänel intralogistics systems at SMW-AUTOBLOK increase warehouse efficiency throughout the company thanks to the state-of-the-art software integration

SMW-AUTOBLOK is a world leader in rotating and stationary clamping technology for workpieces in machining processes. Drawing on its extensive experience and exceptional production technology expertise, the company manufactures innovative clamping systems utilized worldwide in a wide range of industrial sectors.

The company has successfully relied on intralogistics solutions from Hänel since 2001. SMW-AUTOBLOK employs a broad range of Hänel lifts throughout the company to ensure optimized processes. Whether in production, service or dispatch, employees everywhere benefit from the systematic storage using Hänel’s Lean-Lift® and Hänel Rotomat® systems. The 29 Hänel systems help SMW-AUTOBLOK to achieve outstanding warehouse organization and space utilization.

WMS-controlled lifts for efficient and intelligent warehouse management

The viadat warehouse management software plays a central role in optimizing SMW-AUTOBLOK’s warehouse organization as it enables advanced automation combined with precision control of the warehouse processes. Hänel’s high-performance controllers are connected to this central warehouse management system via HostWeb. This enables storage locations, item stocks and order statuses to be called up and controlled at any time via viadat.

The connection vastly enhances the warehouse management efficiency as the Hänel systems provide the WMS system with real-time data, enabling accurate inventory management and seamless order fulfillment.

Optimized small parts storage

Four Hänel l Rotomat® storage systems and six Hänel Lean-Lifts® handle the small parts storage in the central warehouse. The vertical storage in Hänel’s automatic storage systems makes optimum use of the entire height of the hall, saving valuable production space while also providing rapid access to thousands of different small parts. Even large orders can be completed quickly by multiple employees who simultaneously use the ten pick-up points.

Optimized paths and parallel work for efficient workflows

Employees benefit from the intuitive workflow created by the barcode-supported system with mobile terminals, which also vastly simplifies the otherwise complex warehouse processes. The Hänel storage systems are organized in four groups. The corresponding order is initiated by scanning the barcode on the lift. Once the order has been confirmed on the Hänel MP 12 N control unit, the requested item is automatically moved to the removal point. The scanner display shows information about the storage location and the quantity of the item being removed. Employees can view the removal and confirm it directly on the hand-held scanner. The Hänel storage system optimizes the picking paths. This solution enables numerous orders to be processed efficiently and also saves time.

Optimized tool storage for service operations

SWM-AUTOBLOK’s service technicians utilize a wide range of tools for repair and maintenance work. When particular equipment is required for specific machines, the employees can immediately retrieve a wide range of special tools and aids from four Hänel Lean-Lifts®. The extensive range of tools is stored in Hänel’s customizable multifunctional containers, ensuring both clear organization together with quick and effortless access. These four Hänel vertical lifts also temporarily store customers’ clamping devices awaiting inspection or repair. Employees use a swing crane when storing the sometimes very heavy and large clamping devices. To ensure optimum handling, Hänel’s multifunctional container is pulled directly out of the removal point and onto the Hänel transport trolley, where the stored goods can then be safely loaded by crane. Storing the delicate customer products in the Hänel Lean-Lift® not only provides optimum protection against damage but also ensures controlled access to this delicate equipment.

Expanded storage volume for specialized applications

Another production section is located in the immediate vicinity of the main warehouse. A seven-meter-high Hänel Lean-Lift® serves as the central tool storage here.

This single lift solution achieves a minimized footprint of less than 53.82 square feet / five square meters as storage for customer- specific tools for finally adjusting the clamping devices in the surrounding machines. In addition, production employees can also request material directly via the Hänel MP 12 N controller, even without a prior order.

Reliable spare parts supply for the entire machine park

Over the years, SMW-AUTOBLOK has worked with Hänel’s specialists to implement storage concepts addressing a wide variety of requirements. One key focus has been on safeguarding the reliable supply of spare parts for the entire machine park. Two Hänel Rotomat® storage lifts and two Hänel Lean-Lifts® were installed in the special production department for precisely this purpose. This storage solution also follows the established Hänel principle of short distances and easy access to large quantities of systematically and securely organized goods.

By integrating Hänel’s versatile lift solutions, SMW-AUTOBLOK has extensively optimized its warehousing processes throughout the company. The intralogistics solutions installed in close cooperation with Hänel’s experts not only fulfill today’s needs but are also optimally prepared to handle the challenges that the future holds.

"Our many years of experience with Hänel clearly show the advantages: The optimum integration into our existing automated storage system combined with considerably improved storage economy and outstanding system reliability makes Hänel the perfect partner."

Markus Sauter,
Head of Finance and Accounting