TAM International | Texas, USA

Texas, USA

TAM International provides inflatable and swellable packers, as well as associated downhole products and services to the oil and gas industry. These packers are used to safely and reliably seal oil wells, which is especially important in deep sea drilling environments. Products from TAM International are used worldwide. The company operates five Hänel Lean-Lifts® at its headquarters in Houston, Texas. 

Four of these lift systems are used in conjunction with suspended cranes for the storage and retrieval of various premium-quality components. These heavy-duty systems can carry payloads of up to 1,000 kg per container. The suspended cranes, along with fold-down support rails, make the handling of even extremely heavy loads easier and safer. 

Access control for the Lean-Lift® 

All inventory and storage position data is kept in the central software system. This makes for fast order identification and processing. Only authorized employees can access the Lean-Lift® systems with their access control ID. This ensures that all put and pick operations can be tracked based on the operator’s personal data. 

The Hänel PictureControl feature uses two cameras integrated in the access point to provide a clear picture of all items stored on each container. These container overviews can be called up and displayed directly on the Hänel control unit. With these various Hänel systems, TAM International boosted the accuracy of its inventory reporting to a level of 100 percent. 

Lean-Lift® as central tool depot 

Another Lean-Lift® serves as a central tool depot. The lift has a specific container storing tools for each of the company’s production machines. The tools are effectively protected from damage. Due to access control, only authorized machine operators are allowed to retrieve and return tools. All storage transactions are logged and can be traced at all times.

TAM International

6935 Pinemount Drive
Houston, TX 77092-3020

400 + worldwide

Storage systems:
5 Hänel Lean-Lifts®

Items stored:
Heavy spare parts for the oil industry