RHYBOOT | Altstätten, CH

Space-saving and efficient small parts storage for cable assembly

Maximum storage capacity within a minimum footprint thanks to the Hänel Rotomat® 

RHYBOOT provides the handicapped with jobs and housing. A Hänel Rotomat® helps those people employed in the organization’s workshops. The Hänel system holds small parts needed to make cables. 

Employees of all abilities work side by side when retrieving items from the Hänel Rotomat® and packing them for delivery. Thanks to its intuitive operation workers can fill orders independently, quickly and accurately. 

The variable Hänel multifunction carriers accommodate a wide range of small parts for easy retrieval from the Rotomat® system. The payload capacity of each multifunction carrier is more than 683.43 lbs/310 kg. Thus the Hänel system can store more than 5.5 US tons of material. System operators receive their pick lists from the Abacus ERP system. Each order position is scanned and immediately processed with the controller.

Once the list has been confirmed using the MP 12 N microprocessor controller, the storage system automatically starts bringing the specified multifunction carriers to the retrieval access point. The wear-resistant work counter lets employees slide the storage bins in and out with ease. The compartment and sub-level indicators show where each required item is stored on the carriers. 

Loose items are counted by weight using a scale and then packed for delivery to the production area. Item pool management and the transaction journal of the Hänel microprocessor controller with TFT display provide a complete and updated overview of inventory transactions at any time. This information is also available through the standard integrated web browser for viewing at other locations. The Hänel Rotomat® supports space-saving and well-organized storage of small parts for cable assembly. 

Hänel storage systems take the stress out of daily intralogistics!

„The integration of the Hänel Rotomat® in the RHYBOOT workshop provides for compact and efficient parts storage. The simple and intuitive operation of the Hänel system makes it the ideal solution for all of our employees.“

Urs Zünd
Workshop Operations Manager