Intelligent file and document storage from Hänel

Correct sorting and file security form the basis for reliable record storage and file storage.

Storing documents and files on shelves is very costly in terms of time, space and organization. That's why many business enterprises outsource their document storage, file storage and records management to external specialists having archiving experience.

Customized document storage and file storage for your business

These units offer clean, secure, dry and high-density storage for archiving and organizing documents, records and files. The business customer can specify the type of archiving preferred by discussing their needs and requirements for the file organization with a Hänel Channel Partner. Often, documents, records and files are kept off-site in automated storage systems or warehoused archives. However, this expensive outsourcing of document storage and file storage is not always feasible. For example, if access to documents, records and files is required frequently and on short notice, or if very confidential documents, records and files are to be archived, the document storage should be housed internally within the company facilities.

Flexible storage systems for your files

There are a number of cases in which large numbers of files or records need to be stored at the user's site to enable direct access to these files and records at any time. As an alternative to conventional shelf storage solutions, Hänel offers the Rotomat® office carousel for flexible, automated and secure document management and file organization. Various types of record storage and file storage systems are available - binders, hanging and stand-up folders, index cards, etc. – the optimal lift storage system is available for every type of office storage requirement.

The Hänel Rotomat® office carousel can be configured with just the right compartment partitioning for specific applications. In fact, different configurations can even be combined in one lift storage system as needed for the file organization and records management.

Many businesses around the world rely on the Rotomat® office carousel for record management and file storage. The compact design of Hänel lifts and the Ferris wheel principle behind the Hänel Rotomat®, enable users to set up large file archives wherever space for record storage is limited. The vertical height available in the archive area is fully utilized for ergonomic record storage and file organization thanks to the "goods to the user" concept of the system.

Ergonomic and secure document, records and file storage

Flexible compartment configurations for all typical filing systems, protection against unauthorized access and ergonomic record storage and file storage make the Hänel Rotomat® one of the most efficient archive storage solutions available.