Industrial storage system

Automated storage systems save time and money

Automated storage systems are used in various branches of industry today. Compared with classic storage solutions based on the "man to goods" principle, automated systems save time and reduce workloads because they are based on the "goods to man" principle. Items in storage are automatically retrieved when the system receives a request from the storage software program, and the restocking process works according to the same principle. A vertical lift is at the heart of an automated storage system.

Each item in the storage system has an assigned position where it is to be kept. Since employees no longer walk back and forth to reach for items stored on shelves, the vertical storage system can be extremely tall in order to fully utilize the vertical space available in the warehouse building. Vertical storage systems can be integrated in ways that result in small footprints that save floor space. In addition to the efficient space utilization, the time savings and the reduced costs, an automated vertical lift system makes order fulfillment and warehouse management much easier.

Employee safety is also improved. Bending, stretching, reaching and climbing ladders to store or retrieve items are all things of the past because an automated vertical lift system takes care of these tasks, with precision and reliability. Automated vertical storage systems also protect products from dust and dirt – and they prevent theft and misuse because they control who has access to stored items. The automated vertical lift is a "closed" system.a

Vertical storage systems from Hänel: innovative technology, efficient processes

Automated vertical storage systems are used for a wide range of applications today. They are ideal for shipping departments or as buffer storage systems in manufacturing environments. Other scenarios include spare parts storage, and vertical systems are well-suited to function as tool depots. Automated vertical storage systems are integral elements of modern intralogistics and are used by large and innovative enterprises worldwide to optimize their storage and warehouse processes.

Hänel storage systems are among the best-known systems in the world. Various system models are available to satisfy specific customer requirements, and they can be perfectly integrated in the intralogistics concept of any business enterprise. Hänel lift systems store all kinds of different items in height-optimized solutions. This ensures that customers have an especially ergonomic and space-saving system.

One of the most well-known systems is the Hänel Lean-Lift®: This high-tech system saves time, money and floor space. It also makes processes much more efficient while supporting optimal parts management. The Rotomat® storage carousel is probably the most renowned storage development from Hänel. It makes optimal use of the floor space available, and it is a flexible system that can satisfy a wide range of application requirements: Even systems with multiple access points on different warehouse floors are possible. High performance controllers and software interfaces make the Rotomat® one of the most intelligent systems for use in any number of scenarios.