Lean-Lift® pallet storage from Hänel

Information about pallet storage solutions and the Hänel Lean-Lift® for storing pallets.

Pallet storage systems support the direct storage of goods transported on standardized platforms. This makes the handling of bulky and extremely heavy items much easier. For example, employees can use stackers and hand trucks to move the palletized items. The pallets are mounted on so-called cross-members that lock into the lift containers to stabilize the goods and prevent tipping or tilting.

Direct storage on standardized platforms with pallet storage solutions

Pallet storage systems must be sturdy and robust in order to carry extremely heavy weights. They must also ensure that the pallets do not shift when moving through the system, which could cause goods to topple. The systems must also be protected against potential damage caused by stackers or hand trucks at the access points. In addition, operators must constantly monitor the shelf and bay loads to make sure that the prescribed maximum weight is not exceeded.

All of these safety measures contribute to the complex design of pallet storage systems. Improper operation of the systems poses many dangers for employees. 

Hänel offers the Hänel Lean-Lift® as an alternative to conventional pallet storage systems.

The Hänel solution has a number of key advantages when it comes to pallet storage:

  • The sturdy construction of the Hänel Lean-Lift® means that even extremely heavy items can be stored at various heights in a vertical system having a relatively small footprint.
  • The "enclosed design" ensures that pallets cannot shift or cause goods to topple out of the system. Furthermore, the Lean-Lift® helps keep the goods clean and prevents unauthorized access.
  • Thanks to the integrated standard motor overload controller and the optional Hänel weighing unit, operators do not have to constantly monitor the payload weights in the system. The intelligent Hänel multifunction controller clearly displays the current weights of the individual containers.
  • The goods are brought to the system operator. Since the access point is flush with the building floor, pallets and goods can be retrieved with stackers and hand trucks.

The Hänel Lean-Lift® offers all the benefits of palletized storage and materials handling without the disadvantages of conventional pallet storage solutions.