Storage systems for parts with high throughput

In most business enterprises, high-demand items frequently required are usually kept in a parts storage solution

Parts storage systems are ideal for tools, spare parts, components or items needed to fill orders. Since these items are needed frequently, it is important that they are stored in a well-organized solution to ensure quick retrieval so that work processes run smoothly. Parts storage in small businesses is usually static – employees retrieve items from shelves, without using any power-driven devices or equipment. This type of storage is based on the "man to goods" principle. "Man to goods" means that the employee must walk through the warehouse looking for and retrieving items which are then gathered and packed for shipping at the order picking station. The disadvantages of this approach: It is time-consuming and prone to picking errors.

Automated parts storage for large enterprises

Large business enterprises rely on automated parts storage solutions that are based on the "goods to man" principle. The systems are powered by electric motors, and employees use control units to operate the systems.

Parts storage systems reduce the time and distances required for pick and place operations in static systems

Since employees are not walking back and forth through the warehouse, enormous amounts of time are saved, and the storage workflow is optimized dramatically. Warehouse management software provides a clear and updated overview of the parts storage inventory at all times. Hänel vertical lift systems are used with great success in spare parts storage solutions around the world. Depending on the storage requirements, both the Hänel Lean-Lift® and the Hänel Rotomat® are ideal choices for parts storage. Hänel solutions, in combination with Hänel control systems, are ideal for use in efficient parts storage environments.