Carousel system: vertical storage

Goods stored in a carousel system are kept on shelves that rotate vertically

These carousel solutions function according to the Ferris wheel principle. Since carousels offer compact storage, they require less space and thus help reduce rent, heating and electricity costs. Storage carousels are based on the "goods to man" principle – in other words, goods are transported to the system operator as the shelves move vertically in a closed system loop. Employees communicate with the system using a control unit to indicate which goods should be brought to the access point. This fast and convenient approach saves time – there is no walking back and forth through the warehouse to find and retrieve ordered goods. Carousel storage systems are available in open and enclosed designs. Enclosed systems protect goods from dust, dirt, weathering and unauthorized access. The automated system also reduces the rate of pick errors to nearly zero. The special software of the carousel system provides a precise inventory overview of the items in storage, and it tracks all pick and place operations as well.

Storage carousel: applications in industry and the professional trades

Storage carousels are frequently used in various industries and the professional trades. They are also installed in office environments to store documents and files. The Hänel Rotomat® industrial carousel and the Hänel Rotomat® office carousel are two examples of extremely efficient carousel storage solutions. Hänel has been manufacturing storage carousels based on the Ferris wheel principle since 1957. These storage carousels represent an innovation that eventually led to the rapid growth and success of Hänel Office and Industrial Storage Systems as one of the world's leading manufacturers of automated storage solutions. Many businesses around the world rely on Hänel storage carousel solutions.