Spare parts storage for fast access to parts

Spare parts and additional items for order fulfillment are usually stored in a special parts warehouse in most business enterprises. In small businesses these storage solutions are static: Employees must walk around to find and retrieve parts on their own according to the "man to goods" principle. This is very time-consuming – there is also a relatively high risk of picking errors and mistakes. An automated spare parts storage system and warehouse is a more efficient solution.

These automated warehouses are controlled by special software applications that support automated put and pick operations. Automated spare parts storage saves a lot of time and reduces workloads considerably: The software requests the retrieval of specified items and a mechanical device locates the right storage bin, removes it from the shelf and brings it to the order fulfillment area. Once an employee has picked the required item from the bin, it is automatically returned to its proper shelf. Throughput time is reduced, and there are fewer picking errors.

Spare parts storage in an automated solution

Storing spare parts in an automated solution ensures constant inventory transparency. It also makes it much easier for employees to get the "big picture" of the current overall storage situation. There is no walking back and forth during put and pick operations, and thus quite a lot of time is saved in order fulfillment and intralogistics. The workflow is optimized considerably. 

Staying competitive and keeping a focus on the customer are essential: Especially when it comes to supplying customers with spare parts, fast and reliable service is key to business success and survival. Customers who have to wait for important parts may become disgruntled, and slow deliveries may even be costly for them. An automated spare parts storage solution ensures that access to parts is simple and fast so that customer demands can be satisfied thanks to modern storage technology.