Effective process planning with stock management and inventory control

Stock management is the term used to describe the monitoring and control of warehouse storage and storage processes

One of the main objectives of stock management is to ensure smooth and efficient pick and place operations in order to support overall intralogistics efficiency. Stock management prevents production outages or interruptions due to a lack of materials. In the past, though seldom today, stock management was a manual process involving index cards and the like. Now stock management is based on special software, a so-called warehouse management system (WMS), which controls, manages and monitors all storage processes. The WMS contains data about the storage positions of goods, storage costs, item master data, "best-before" dates, serial numbers, price lists, customer and delivery information, etc. – and the software also keeps track of stock and inventory, order lists, plus shipping and receiving data.

HänelSoft - your efficient WMS tool

Hänel offers the HänelSoft®-N software package as an efficient tool for managing mixed storage environments. For example, in addition to Hänel Lean-Lift®, Hänel Rotomat® and Hänel Multi-Space® systems, this software package can also manage other types of storage in the warehouse, such as racks and shelves. The combination of Hänel software and Hänel controller systems results in extremely efficient stock management for both large and small enterprises. Innovative stock management systems also display pictures of the items in storage so that fewer order picking mistakes are made. All item details are also recorded in the system. Ideally the stock management system is linked to the host ERP system used in the business enterprise. The WMS sends data about inventory stock, residual quantities, etc. to the ERP system so that the information can be managed centrally. HänelSoft®-N WMS offers all of these functions and can be customized with a wide range of additional modules to address special or unique requirements. Thanks to the web functionality of the Hänel control units, stock management with HänelSoft®-N can be performed directly using Hänel controllers. No additional PCs or computer devices are necessary.