Tray storage for large products

Tray storage enables business enterprises to store large items and products

The wide range of today's automated storage systems also includes tray storage solutions. Automated tray storage systems function according to the "goods to man" principle" – in other words, the system brings the items requested by the operator to the access point. Automated tray storage systems are driven by electric motors. Employees use control units to operate the systems. Automated tray storage systems can be seamlessly integrated in work processes, and employees learn to operate them quickly, without any extensive training. Automated tray storage systems are available in various sizes and depths, with a wide range of storage positions. This enables business enterprises to store items and products of all sizes in one central storage solution. Tray storage systems are ideal for pallets, boxes, cartons, etc.

Tray storage systems - solutions with varied configuration elements

Tray storage systems can be equipped with trays in various configurations or adapted with tray compartments to address specific storage requirements. The systems deliver enormous time savings because employees do not have to walk back and forth through warehouses to search and retrieve goods. Automated tray storage systems support fast and smooth-running processes in warehouse environments. Vertical lift systems such as the Hänel Lean-Lift® and the Hänel Multi-Space® function according the same principle used in tray storage solutions. The trays, known as "containers" in Hänel systems, are positioned at the front and back of a moving vertical lift, which is called the "extractor" in Hänel products. The extremely sturdy Hänel profile wall serves as the basis for storage configurations in the system. Hänel vertical lift systems are reliable and used in tray storage applications worldwide.