Installing convenient workplaces for the disabled

Having convenient workplaces for disabled employees is an important matter in most large enterprises.

Making a workplace accessable for the disabled is the law in many cases, but more importantly, it ensures that employers are able to retain the best employees for any given position. Many business can even offset the additional costs associated with providing access to the disabled withfederal tax credits and incentives. By choosing material handling and storage equipment that is deigned to accomodate the disabled, business owners can hire the best avaiable talent without concern for physical limitations. Many employers also see a reduction in staff turnover.

Optimized workplaces for disabled employees

Be it just a low-height desk or custom-made office chair, all aspects of a workplace for a disabled person must precisely satisfy the needs of the employee. A number of factors must be considered, especially for employees in wheelchairs. For example, it goes without saying that the office environment must be barrier-free, and all materials and documents must be accessible from a wheelchair. High shelves and filing cabinets do not meet the requirements of workplaces designed for disabled employees. Hänel applies the proven "goods to the user" principle in combination with access points designed for wheelchair users to fulfill special workplace requirements. People of small stature also have no problems operating these ergonomically designed Hänel systems for disabled workplaces to access the materials and files they need. The flexible configuration of Hänel Rotomat® office carousels permits the installation of document archives within very small spaces.

Hänel lift systems provide the disabled with more convenience at work

Hänel lift systems address the workplace requirements of employees with disabilities. The Hänel Lean-Lift® is also well-suited for workplaces designed for the disabled. These systems can be adapted and optimized to meet the special needs of employees with disabilities. Special solutions can also be designed for specific workplace projects to assist the disabled. These projects are managed by Hänel specialists in collaboration with employers and the staff members facing the challenges posed by disabilities.