HänelSoft®-N add-on modules for diverse warehouse management requirements


Custom configuration options
HänelSoft®-N also supports many different optional modules that can be used as building blocks to set up customized configurations that satisfy very specific customer requirements.

Module Description Functions
010 Additional workplace (client) License for additional HänelSoft®-N workplaces (floating license).
020* License for connecting additional lifts The basic package includes the license for 2 lifts.
100 Barcode input converter Supports the use of scan codes with several data fields: QR codes, Data Matrix code ...
200 Order management Pick and put lists are created, imported and processed. Materials can be reserved and stockouts displayed.
201* Job optimization** Boosts the order picking performance by simultaneously positioning the shelves/containers of multiple storage units.
205* Aggregated (collective) orders Grouping of aggregated orders. Picking cart with and without web device. Aggregation of single orders. Route-optimized picking strategy aggregates identical articles which can be picked as one batch or sequentially. The system operator receives all required information (order number, number of the picking bin, etc.) directly on the controller display – ideal in combination with Module 530.
220 Automatic HOSTcommunication Time-controlled, automated data exchange with the HOST system via CSV files or WEB services (SOAP).
230 Inventory (stocktaking) Continuous inventory, periodic inventory or random sample inventory. The module generates count lists for continuous or periodic inventory which are processed directly at the lift control unit. Inventory (stocktaking) journal for export to the HOST system.
240 Access code Administration Expands user management with access rights that apply to individual lifts or to specified areas in lifts and to specified articles. Identification takes place at the lift control unit.
250 External container management Permits the transport of a loaded container to a specified assembly point and to book the put/pick operation there, or to move the container for loading into another identical storage lift system.
260 Article cross-check This module helps reduce incorrect put or pick operations and verifies the correct article through a repeat request for the article number. The put/pick quantity can only be booked if the article number is correct.
270 Interface for weighing scale The weight of an article can be recorded in the data as a way of supporting the function of the weighing scale in the lift system. The count quantities are transmitted to HänelSoft®-N. (only in conjunction with Metler Toledo)
300 Inventory attributes/ Batch management Articles can be identified as batch articles and stored with the batch number. The articles can be picked with or without the batch number being specified. Additional inventory attributes – such as serial numbers – are possible.
320* Expiration date An expiration date or expiration period can be defined for each article. Articles that have expired are barred from retrieval.
410 Container picture Cameras integrated in the access point of the lift system take pictures of the container after every put/pick operation in order to provide updated information. The image is visible in the HänelSoft®-N client as well as on the lift controller. A history is also created. Thus all storage operations can be accurately monitored and visually tracked.
510* Client license for mobile terminals Optimal picking with Hänel storage systems plus integrated picking carts and put-to-light displays.
520* License for rack storage solutions For managing very extensive rack areas.
530* Smart picking Optimal picking with Hänel storage systems plus integrated picking carts and put-to-light displays.
600* Label printing Creation of various labels. The label layout is freely selectable; graphics or logos can be incorporated. Printing takes place in accordance with defined warehouse processes and specified printers.

*Not available for the compact version of HänelSoft®-N           **Only in conjunction with Module 200 order management