The high-performance, flexible inventory management system

HänelSoft®-N and Hänel microprocessor controllers – the ideal combination for perfect storage organization

HänelSoft®-N is a powerful software package available in a full-range version or as HänelSoft®-N Compact with leaner functionality. Thanks to their versatile configuration options and many add-on modules, both versions can be optimally customized to meet specific requirements. The smooth interaction between HänelSoft®-N and the Hänel lift controllers guarantees efficient storage operations.
The software is ideal for managing Rotomat®, Lockomat®, Lean-Lift® well as other types of solutions such as rack and pallet storage. A standardized HOST interface supports data communication with any type of materials management system.  

HänelSoft®-N stands for:
Easy integration
in the IT infrastructure, with a minimum of installation work and administration
High functionality and always extensible with optional add-on modules
Clear operator guidance modern and ergonomic
Optimal price-performance ratio

All pick and put operations can be booked directly at the lift control units!

  • Web-based and platform-agnostic software
  • Use of clients with various web browsers – no installation required
  • Parallel operations among lift systems
  • Optimized routing for pick and put operations
  • Intelligent vacancy location and height-optimization for put operations
  • Integrated database
  • Integrated web server
  • Clients available with floating licenses
  • Direct linking of lifts with Ethernet interface
  • Operation directly at the lift without additional computers or hardware
  • For managing any number of lifts and external storage


HänelSoft®-N Picture

HänelSoft®-N Visual Operation

HänelSoft®-N Smart Picking

HänelSoft®-N WebClient

HänelSoft®-N MobileClient

HänelSoft®-N MobileClient

Flexible Licensing

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