HänelSoft® in a design

Web client directly on the controller

The time-proven storage management software HänelSoft® with a new user interface
A modern and intuitive user interface guides the user through the software and can be operated directly from the Hänel microprocessor controllers via touchscreen. 
The browser functionality of the MP 12 N-HostWeb control system allows HänelSoft® to bring the intuitive functionality of a tablet PC or smartphone straight to the lift controller.

All booking dialogs for the pick and put operations are available where the materials are being moved – directly at the lift!


Clear layout of list view

All the stored articles are displayed clearly on the control unit. Attributes such as article number, article name and if required even article pictures are displayed in the list view and can be selected via touchscreen.

Graphical display

The user is shown the storage locations for pick and put operations on the graphical display. A flashing area indicates where items can be retrieved or put into storage.

Entry of supplementary data

Flexible configuration options support the entry of additional data such as order numbers or cost centers.

Article picture

Pictures of the articles can also be called up. They can be enlarged on the control unit to enable comparison with the original article, for example.