Automated Miniload System (AMS)

Space-saving storage of small items

Special storage and retrieval systems equipped with bins are a good choice to ensure space-saving storage and fast retrieval of small parts. Automated miniload systems (AMS) make the picking and logistic process much easier and boost the efficiency of daily warehouse operations. The automated miniload system is an autonomous IT-driven solution for the organized storage of small items or parts in bins. The solution is comprised of a shelf system with one or several aisles, and each aisle is equipped with a robotic stacker or storage retrieval machine (SRM). The small parts are stored in bins or other types of containers. When requested, the SRM moves back and forth along the aisle, picking bins, bringing them to the order fulfillment station, and then returning them to their proper shelves.

How the automated miniload system works

Data about all of the small parts and items stored in the AMS is recorded in an ERP or WMS software solution. The software system sends this information to the automated miniload system. The software ensures that the appropriate bins are located and brought to the picking station. Once the order picker has removed the requisite items from the bin, it is transported back to its proper position in the AMS.

Advantages of an AMS

An automated miniload system speeds up access and retrieval operations, and the fully automated put-and-pick process boosts the efficiency of the warehouse. Even with extremely diverse inventories, an AMS boosts throughput performance and ensures optimal utilization of storage space. An automated miniload system provides for space-saving storage of small items kept in bins, boxes or cartons which are quickly accessed by the system on demand.
The automated miniload system is an efficient and economical solution for all applications that call for high logistics performance in scenarios having an extremely wide variety and range of items, but with limited quantities per article type.
Hänel is one of the leading manufacturers of innovative automated storage technology. The Hänel Rotomat® industrial carousel is the perfect system for storing small items. This lift system is based on the Ferris wheel or paternoster principle and has many advantages when compared with a conventional AMS. The Hänel Rotomat® does not require a storage retrieval machine or stacker because it functions like a vertical lift system based on rotational movement. This solution is extremely efficient – especially for small parts storage.
The Hänel Lean-Lift® is also an efficient alternative to the conventional automated miniload storage system. Just like the Hänel Rotomat®, the Hänel Lean-Lift® utilizes the vertical space available in the warehouse to provide maximum storage capacity within the smallest footprint possible.
When compared with a conventional AMS solution, the storage capacity of the Hänel Lean-Lift® can be expanded after installation rather easily if necessary.