Automated storage system

Today more and more business enterprises rely on automated storage systems

Automated storage systems function according to the "goods to man" principle. This means that shelf systems are driven by electric motors and manually operated with control units that are connected to specific storage software. This delivers business benefits in a number of ways.

First, productivity increases because there are fewer manual tasks.

Automated storage saves enormous amounts of time and space. Since every business enterprise has specific storage needs, there is an extremely wide range of automated storage systems available today. Due to the ongoing development of automated storage systems, this kind of intralogistics solution is a viable option for business enterprises of all sizes.

Second, safety is increased, for both employees and products.

Shorter and structured storage routing helps reduce workplace accidents. Employees only need to communicate with the automated storage system to find a specific product, which is then brought to the employee automatically. This also ensures that the product is protected as well. Transport damages and product loss are minimized with automated storage systems.

Third, automated storage systems ensure precise inventory control and high order quality.

Thanks to the intelligent organization within an automated storage system, operators can immediately pinpoint the location of specific items. This dramatically improves intralogistics. The shelf configurations in automated storage systems reduce the risk of product loss because every item is allocated a specific position within the system. This allocated position does not change during pick and place operations – it is always reserved for the specified product in order to support efficient item organization.

Hänel offers a wide range of automated storage systems and intralogistics solutions to meet the needs of nearly every business enterprise.