Automated storage system for improving productivity

Automation is frequently used in today’s business enterprises

This type of solution functions according to the "goods to man" principle, with an automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) that is used in conjunction with warehouse management software (WMS). The requisite inventory items are automatically located and transported to an order picking station for retrieval via warehouse automation. Some providers automate a load on a pallet, while others require depalletizing the load to store and provision individual items. This approach supports warehouse processes and material handling in a number of ways, and is most prominently found in distribution centers.

Number 1: Higher productivity by eliminating manual tasks

The introduction of automated warehouse processes can save time, space and money, in that it increases efficiency and throughput, adds floor space and cuts labor costs. Even energy costs can be reduced as a result. Many manual procedures can now be automatically coordinated when a warehouse management system is a resource. Since every business enterprise has specific storage needs, there is an extremely wide range of automated storage systems available in today’s market. The constant further development of automation tools will make intralogistics a topic of interest for all kinds of business enterprises across the supply chain, both large and small, regardless of capability.

Number 2: Safe processes for inventory items and employees

Shorter and structured storage routing helps prevent workplace accidents because modern storage systems autonomously perform put and pick operations – employees control the processes rather than having to do manual tasks themselves. Automation also ensures that the product is optimally protected. There is virtually no chance that items going into storage will be damaged because the automated process is performed by shuttles, stackers, robots, etc. The “goods to man” principle of warehouse automation considerably reduces the risk of employee accidents, especially in high-bay warehouse environments.

Number 3: Precise inventory control and high-quality order processing

Thanks to the intelligent organization inside an ASRS, operators can immediately pinpoint the location of specific items. Thanks to software-driven warehouse logistics, business enterprises benefit from optimized inventory transparency and control in their logistics infrastructure. An automated storage system also minimizes human errors and the loss of inventory items because the warehouse management software allocates a specific position to every item stored inside the automated storage system. All item locations and storage operations are logged in the system so that the entire flow of goods can be monitored and tracked at all times, and barcode scanners track each transaction. The wide range of Hänel warehouse automation solutions provide just the right vertical storage to meet just about any customer requirement across the supply chain.