Automated storage for improved transport times

Less time needed for searching, routing and transport with automated storage

Storage systems which used to be operated manually are now generally automated due to global competitive pressure and the transformation resulting from Industry 4.0. Various kinds of shelf and rack solutions are based on motorized concepts that include a storage and retrieval machine (SRM) or a shuttle system. The SRM or shuttle is operated with special warehouse management software and automatically “puts or picks” items in storage.

Automated solutions, also known as an automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS), are based on fast, safe and secure handling technology also helps prevent workplace accidents.  These types of solutions are commonly used in order fulfillment, distribution centers and other material handling applications across the supply chain, helping to reduce labor costs, maximize storage space and increase inventory control.

Automated order picking and other operational processes are known for their high safety standards. An automated warehouse is based on the "goods to man" principle. The SRM automatically puts or picks items stored on pallets or in boxes, cartons and various types of bins. These items are then safely and securely transported to the ergonomic access and retrieval point of the warehouse automation system. Items can then be removed from the system manually with simple hand trucks, forklifts, etc. 

Optimized logistics organization with automated storage

During the order picking process, time-consuming searches, complex transport methods, and eventual picking errors or re-picks all have a negative impact on business productivity and efficiency. 

Advantages of automated storage:

  • Thanks to efficient software, the time needed to find, retrieve and transport stored items is dramatically reduced with automation, even across multiple storage locations in a warehouse.
  • Automated storage controls the transport process so that items can be moved quickly and reliably. What’s more, automation prevents items or even the storage system itself from being damaged during the process.
  • One of the greatest advantages of automated storage is the space savings possible with height-optimized storage. Compact automated storage helps reduce costs when it comes to rent (floor space), electricity and heating.

Reliable storage technology in logistics centers thanks to automated systems

Storage processes are reliably recorded when automated storage solutions are linked up to host ERP systems. Inventory information and the location of items in the warehouse are always updated to ensure precise monitoring and tracking. This greatly simplifies warehouse management and ensures that storage capacity is optimally utilized. Depending on business requirements, a wide range of automated storage systems is available to address specific needs. Versatile and diverse solutions are available – from automated pallet storage to automated miniload systems (AMS) and automated high-bay storage.

High-quality Hänel warehouse management systems are the best examples of automated storage. Rotomat® storage carousels based on the Ferris wheel principle, Hänel Lean-Lift® vertical systems and the Hänel Multi-Space® are operated as automated storage systems in logistics centers around the world. Enterprises are able to boost the efficiency and effectiveness of their intralogistics thanks to proven Hänel automated storage solutions.