Carousel sorting system:

the intelligent storage system

Storage carousels require little space and offer high levels of convenience and efficiency when handling stored goods. These systems function according to the Ferris wheel principle. Vertically rotating shelves offer many neat and well-organized storage options for a wide range of items and products. When requested the carousel system brings the shelves containing specific items to the access point where the items are retrieved quickly. Since it is based on the "goods to man" principle, the storage carousel ensures efficient storage management, and it saves time by supporting convenient put and pick operations. The storage carousel can even be installed in relatively small spaces because it optimally utilizes the vertical height available for maximum storage capacity. Since goods are brought directly to the employee at the access point, items can easily be stored at any height without problems. The storage system is operated in conjunction with storage management software that keeps all processes and procedures on track.

Carousel sorting system: sorting, allocating and storing products

Depending on the application, the carousel storage system can also be used as a carousel sorting system. In such applications the storage systems do more than support efficient put and pick operations – they also make sure that items are neatly sorted and allocated specific positions according to a clear and structured storage plan. Carousel sorting systems are the ideal choice for applications where there is a high risk of storage and retrieval errors due to the sheer volume of individual items that require allocation. Products can be stored in the system according to a well-organized plan that ensures individual sorting and allocation for each item. This is achieved using various storage levels and compartments inside the storage carousel. Carousel sorting and storage systems are just right for applications in nursing homes, senior care centers and similar environments where laundry needs to be sorted and stored for large numbers of individuals. Carousel systems boost process efficiency enormously, and investments in these sorting and storage systems deliver a return very quickly. Storage carousels can also be customized in response to specific operational needs, thus providing customers with modern, tailor-made solutions.

The carousel sorting system is not only a space-saving and secure storage solution, but also is very efficient when it comes to coordinating the sorting and allocation of specific items.

Storage carousels for efficient storage management