Carousel storage system for cost-effective solutions

Carousel storage systems are dynamic solutions that save time, reduce workloads and cut operational costs.

Carousel storage system: automated put and pick processes

A carousel storage system is a dynamic solution that uses vertically rotating shelves to bring stored items to the system operator. A carousel storage system functions according to the "goods to man" principle. Employees do not have to walk back and forth through the warehouse looking for stored items, which is a time-consuming process. The carousel storage system is controlled and managed by special software so that stored items are found and retrieved quickly. 

Carousel storage systems support automated put and pick operations, making storage and retrieval tasks much safer – workplace accidents in the warehouse are a thing of the past. Requested items are quickly located and transported to the system access point for retrieval – this can all be integrated in the overarching production process. Carousel storage systems optimize operations and production processes by making them more efficient and economical. Furthermore, stored products are transported to the access point at an ergonomic height – this contributes to employee health and safety.

Carousel storage systems for industrial applications and order picking

Carousel storage systems are dynamic solutions that can be used for any number of applications. Often these systems are equipped with compartment shelves or pull-out bins for storing small items. Even the smallest and most sensitive components can be safely stored in a carousel storage system. Unlike conventional storage solutions, carousel storage systems minimize the risk of order picking errors: Users have a complete overview of exactly where each item is stored in the system – and the software makes sure that just the right item is transported to the access point for retrieval. Carousel storage systems find use in industrial processes and for order picking. Quite often storage carousels are also preferred for storing documents and files in office environments.

Carousel storage systems considerably reduce the time and complexity of storage processes. Furthermore, storage carousels can be installed within a small footprint because they fully utilize the vertical space available for storage. This translates into maximum capacity within a minimum of space. Hänel offers storage carousels in a number of different versions, including customized systems, to ensure efficient warehouse and storage management. Maximum space utilization, security, safety and efficiency are among the benefits delivered by modern storage systems which precisely address specific business requirements.