Distribution warehouse:

Temporary storage of goods before shipment

Distribution center provide short-term storage for items that will soon ship. Temporary storage in distribution centers and warehouses supports order picking and processing of individual shipments to customers. Thus it is important that the distribution warehouse is always stocked with ample quantities of products that may be ordered by customers. Once an order has been received, all items are retrieved, boxed and made ready for shipment at the packing station.

An efficient distribution center is well-organized in order to save space, and it ensures that the items requested are brought quickly and safely to the packing station. All routing throughout the warehouse is kept short and simple. Hänel storage systems fulfill all of the requirements that support economic and efficient distribution center operations. A relatively simple interface to the customer's host warehouse management system is also a plus.

Innovative features for top order picking performance

Today's modern distribution centers must meet extremely high demands. Thus it is important that the intralogistics concept is well-designed and implemented accordingly. Hänel offers just the right components for shortening routes in distribution centers and boosting order picking performance. The Hänel Rotomat® is the ideal automated materials handling system for this purpose.

The Hänel Rotomat® is a vertical carousel storage system that provides quick retrieval of requested articles and thus increases order picking performance. An operator can pick, put and fill orders at multiple Hänel systems in parallel. As the Hänel microprocessor control systems are linked up to the enterprise resource planning system, the orders are displayed directly at the microprocessor controllers, and the Hänel Rotomats® are pre-positioned as needed.

Hänel storage systems and other intelligent components from Hänel find many uses in today's distribution centers. Mail order businesses, logistics service providers and spare parts centers all have one thing in common – they rely on well-designed professional storage solutions that are intelligent, flexible and reliable.

Since the 1950s the name Hänel has stood for innovative solutions in automated materials handling. Today the company is one of the leading manufacturers worldwide when it comes to automated storage systems. Hänel is the right contact when it comes to innovative systems for installation in modern distribution centers. Hänel systems are not only efficient and innovative – they are also ecological and designed with environmental protection in mind.