Heavy-duty storage:

storage systems for heavy items

Hänel offers a special version of the Hänel Lean-Lift® designed to handle heavy-duty storage. The heavy-duty storage system is very efficient and features containers that can carry payloads of up to 1,000 kg. The heavy-duty Hänel Lean-Lift® has a total storage capacity of up to 60 tons. The Hänel Rotomat® industrial storage system can also be delivered in a heavy-duty version as well. 

Special systems and equipment for storing heavy objects are used in a wide range of applications. In most cases tools are stored in heavy-duty storage systems. But heavy equipment and capital goods can also be stored in such heavy-duty systems. Hänel has the right solution for every requirement when it comes to heavy-duty storage.

Hänel offers various types of systems for heavy-duty storage. All are based on the latest technology and are suited for many kinds of applications.

Heavy-duty storage: designed to handle extremely heavy loads

Extremely heavy loads place high demands on storage systems. Special carriers are required to cope with the stress of storing and moving heavy payloads. Enormous forces are involved in put and pick operations, and the storage system must be extremely robust to handle these forces without difficulty. Unlike other warehouse and storage solutions, heavy-duty storage systems are designed according to the goods-to-man principle. This means that all items stored in the system are automatically brought to the access point for retrieval as needed. Shelf solutions for storing extremely heavy objects are readily available. However, an automated heavy-duty system not only stores items safely – it also delivers convenience, security and safety thanks to fully automated processes that support put and pick operations. Reinforced trays or shelves, plus specially designed motors and drive components, ensure that extremely heavy payloads are stored and transported safely. 

Generally speaking, the goods-to-man principle requires a large storage footprint when heavy items are involved. Often the storage height cannot be fully utilized for items that are extremely heavy. However, a heavy-duty automated storage system can take full advantage of the vertical space available and transport heavy items to and from their assigned storage positions.

Heavy-duty storage: automated storage systems for heavy payloads