Pallet Racking

Thanks to their standardized design specifications, pallet rack solutions are optimal for storing goods which are delivered on pallets. The pallets, which are also standardized, are mounted on shelving that firmly locks into the racks to stabilize the goods and prevent tipping or tilting. Pallet racks are a high-strength, practical, space-saving and secure method of storage for even the heaviest of items, but this network of roll-formed uprights, beams, decking and shelving can pose serious dangers if not utilized according to regulatory compliance.

The entire design and construction of pallet storage rack must absolutely guarantee safe and professional storage. It is essential that racking is able to fully carry the weight of heavy loads in storage, and care must be taken to prevent pallets from being pushed too far through the racks, causing them to fall out on the other side. To ensure a high level of warehouse safety, pallet racking must also be designed so that potential damage caused by forklifts and material handling equipment does not jeopardize the stability of the storage solution.

Movable pallet rack systems can be operated via a process in which palletized goods are transported on demand without employee intervention. They are able to bear heavy loads and make daily put and pick processes much easier, while also saving time, space and money. The machine-based operation of this pallet racking supports height-optimized warehouse storage, even for heavy items, so that available floor space is fully utilized. The weight of items in storage must be monitored constantly to make sure that the strength and safety of the pallet racking is not compromised.


Advantages of the Hänel Lean-Lift® vs. conventional pallet racking

The Hänel Lean-Lift® is a practical alternative to conventional pallet rack because it can be adjusted and customized to meet the specific requirements of small, medium and large enterprises in all branches of industry. The Hänel vertical lift delivers all the benefits of automated pallet storage and ensures fast and direct access to inventory items, while taking up minimal warehouse space. The Hänel system is based on the “goods to man” principle, which supports put and pick processes for items stored on pallets. Unlike pallet rack, access to the pallets themselves is easy, because access points are installed flush with the warehouse floor.  Even a simple hand truck or forklift can be used, rather than a forklift to reach the upper levels of shelving.

The Hänel Lean-Lift® resembles an enclosed high-bay warehouse solution which optimally utilizes the space available for vertical storage while also protecting inventory items from external influences. Thanks to its heavy-duty design and construction, the Hänel Lean-Lift® is a vertical system that can store even the heaviest loads at virtually any height in the warehouse, while maintaining maximum storage density. The space-savings and efficiency of the Hänel storage system also reduces warehouse costs stemming from rent, heat, etc. 

The weight of every pallet in this storage solution can be checked at any time with the Hänel multifunction controller. This is unlike racking, in which each pallet must be weighed before or after placement on the rack, but never during storage. The maximum load on the entire pallet storage solution is automatically and constantly checked by the integrated motor overload control, a standard feature of the Hänel pallet solution. These safeguards can be enhanced further with the optional weighing unit available for this system.