Hänel automated storage lift system

Storage lift systems have many advantages over conventional storage solutions

A storage lift is an automated system that contains all types of goods and articles. Drive motors are used to move devices in the systems that automatically bring the goods to specified storage positions. These automated lift systems have many advantages when compared to conventional shelf storage. For example, there is virtually no limit to the height of the system because machinery, not people, moves and retrieves the goods. Thus the entire vertical space available in a warehouse can be utilized. This usually results in a small footprint and saves floor space. The Hänel Rotomat®, the Hänel Lean-Lift® and the Hänel Multi-Space® are among the best-known automated storage systems in the world. All of these efficient storage lift systems save floor space, time and money when it comes to intelligent order picking processes. The storage lift system also ensures better ergonomics and makes storage management much easier in the warehouse. Furthermore, storage lift systems contribute to better employee safety by reducing the number of accidents at work. Extreme bending, stretching and ladder climbing are not required when using automated storage systems.

Automated storage systems protect your products

Items in storage are well-protected against dust, dirt and unauthorized access because automated storage lifts are enclosed systems. Today automated storage systems are used in various applications. In distribution warehouse, buffer storage for manufacturing, tool storage, etc. – automated storage lift systems are essential in today's modern intralogistics and boost efficiency worldwide.