Automated vertical storage for central provisioning

Vertical storage, as the name implies, is based on solutions that are tall in design. These solutions fully utilize the vertical space available in a building so that only a minimum of floor space is needed for storage purposes. There is no need to make huge investments in a new warehouse building because, in most cases, vertical storage provides maximum storage capacity within a small footprint. Storage lift systems represent an elegant and ergonomic solution for vertical storage in the warehouse. In principle these systems are comprised of automated vertical shelves. A storage lift system is controlled and operated with warehouse management software. It automatically puts items into storage using a central storage and retrieval unit called the extractor. The extractor functions like an "elevator" that is installed centrally in the vertical lift system. Items are positioned on trays called containers which are accommodated by the Hänel profile wall with integrated height measurement – this provides for high-density storage and optimal space utilization. Maximum storage density in combination with the vertical lift concept can save up to 60% of the floor space previously used for storage purposes. 

The retrieval of items stored in the lift system is based on the “goods to man” principle: The automated system brings the requisite containers to the access point where users can pick items quickly, easily and ergonomically. Automated put and pick processes are extremely fast. The time needed for put and pick operations is minimized. What’s more, there are virtually no errors, and deliveries are more efficient. Commands are easily entered through user-friendly control units so that processes run smoother and faster. 

This approach also boosts employee performance. Formerly time-consuming and error-prone logistics processes can now be performed quickly and easily thanks to automation and intelligent software.

Automated vertical storage – the future of storage systems

In a modern warehouse the use of conventional racks and shelves is really a thing of the past. The deployment of vertical lift systems like the Hänel Lean-Lift® and the Hänel Multi-Space®, not to mention vertical storage carousels like the Hänel Rotomat®, deliver many benefits not possible with vertical storage based on standard rack shelving. The interfaces linking the lift system with an ERP system represent just one of the decisive advantages which boost efficiency and support the digitization of intralogistics. Vertical lift systems are ideal for the provisioning of components and tools in manufacturing and distribution environments in most branches of industry. Materials can be put directly into storage – even when on pallets – and then quickly accessed later on demand.

Hänel is a leading manufacturer and provider of automated storage systems and lift solutions. Lifts are perfect choices for efficient and ergonomic vertical storage because they can be deployed flexibly for diverse applications. They save space, time and money while also protecting valuable inventory from unauthorized access. More information about the complete range of Hänel automated storage solutions is available on our website.