SMD storage for SMD components

SMD storage systems are solutions designed specifically for SMD components and function according to the "goods to man" principle.

SMD storage: special solutions for SMD components

SMD is a term used in the electronics industry and stands for "surface-mounted device." SMDs are small-format components that are attached to the surfaces of circuit boards. Unlike other electronic components, SMDs are mounted directly on the circuit board using adhesives and solder. This saves time because the components do not need to be wired or plugged into the board – for example, there is no need to drill holes in the board to hold the SMDs. SMDs are integral elements in the trend toward miniaturization in the electronics industry, and they contribute to faster and low-cost manufacturing processes. 

To make the handling of SMDs easier, special storage systems for these components are used to manage the overall inventory, and as buffer storage systems near assembly lines in production areas. SMDs are normally ordered in large volumes so that enough components are available at the beginning of a production run. SMD storage systems ensure that the small components are kept in a neat and well-organized manner so that they are available for use quickly as needed. These special SMD storage solutions are based on storage carousel or lift systems that are controlled and managed by application-specific software.

SMD storage for optimized and fast access

SMD storage solutions boost efficiency and help reduce errors during manufacturing processes in which SMDs are mounted on circuit boards. The small components are kept on SMD reels which can be retrieved from storage on demand for manufacturing processes. The storage systems function according to the "goods to man" principle so that walking and time-consuming searching for components are not necessary. Carousel and lift storage systems save space and fully utilize the vertical space available for storage purposes. SMD storage systems can also be used for buffer storage within a small footprint. Modern storage solutions support constant and reliable inventory control, and they provide safe and secure storage for individual components while reducing space requirements and optimizing access to stored items. Furthermore, SMD carousel or lift storage systems also contribute to ergonomics and employee safety.