Special storage solutions for electronic components

Electronic components can be kept in a specially designed automated storage system and retrieved on demand.

Electronics storage: storage system for the electronics industry

Storage systems must satisfy special requirements in the electronics industry. Most electronic components are very sensitive and / or small in size. They need to be stored in a well-organized system so that they are available for production processes quickly and on demand. Automated systems specially designed to store electronic components are in use throughout the electronics industry. Automated carousel or lift systems provide secure and structured storage of various components to ensure fast retrieval when items are needed for dynamic manufacturing processes. 

Automated systems can provide inventory storage or buffer storage in production environments. Automated storage systems are controlled and managed with software programs that support fast access to parts and components as needed. Mistakes during put and pick operations are virtually impossible with automated storage systems. Automated storage systems for electronic components function according to the "goods to man" principle and bring the required items directly to the user at the access point.

Electronic storage for small and sensitive components

An automated storage system for electronic components optimizes access processes, thus saving time and making retrieval more efficient and convenient. The system also provides constant and reliable inventory control when used with modern storage management software so that components are always available on demand. Vertical carousel and lift storage systems can be integrated in areas where a small footprint helps reduce space requirements. Since these carousel and lift solutions function according to the "goods to man" principle, items can be stored at extreme heights within the systems, thus utilizing the maximum vertical space available. Furthermore, automated carousel or lift storage systems also contribute to ergonomics and employee safety.

Automated storage systems for electronic components can be customized to satisfy specific requirements. They can be installed to store small parts or for larger and heavier components. From small SMDs to large devices and electronic components – automated storage systems adapt to the dynamic business and production processes found in the electronics industry. Hänel offers a wide range of storage systems, including customized solutions, that are based on the very latest technology.